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Sri Lanka 's staple diet is boiled rice & curry, which is generally cooked hot to taste, with all the possible spices. The complete meal is accompanied with parripu (red lentil dals), vegetables, green leaves (lightly stir- fried), Sambol (a mixture of grated coconut, chilly, and spice) fish or chicken in curry. Meats are also popular here, so beef & mutton are also available here.

Sri Lankan cuisine has been influenced by history of the country. Hence there is predominant feel of the Portuguese, the Dutch, the Malays, the Arabs, and the South Indians, all of whom have left their culinary impression on the people of Sri Lanka .

Sri Lanka being of tropical nature has a variety of fruits available. Major among them are: Mangoes, papayas, passion fruit, bananas, jackfruits, durians, rambutans, and mangosteens.

Sinhalese form the majority ethnic group in Sri Lanka who practice Buddhism. Following them are the Tamilians who are majority Hindus. The rest of the people in Sri Lanka either Muslims or Christians.

Sri Lankan society is dominantly influenced by the caste system. Caste system in Sri Lankans believes that every person is born into a particular group which defines his or her fixed position within society for lifetime. Purity is an important concept of caste system. Each one is expected not to associate with the lower caste to preserve their purity of their caste. In Sri Lanka , there are two caste systems, one for the Sinhalese and the other for the Tamils. For the Sinhalese, although Buddhism discourages the distinction based on caste, it still exists, based on the hereditary roles and functions. For the Tamils, Hinduism is a perpetuated influence on social division among themselves.

Srilanka's art & architecture are majorly influenced by Buddhism. There a beautiful structured stupas all around the country side of Sri Lanka . Beautiful large Buddha's sculptures are found at Aukana, Buduruvagala. Influences of Portuguese, Dutch & British colonial influences can be witnessed in the architecture of Sri lanka .

Ambalangoda is popular for its ritualistic exorcism of 'devil dancing', with the use of various colourful masks, & the thumping of the drums. The up country dancers use acrobatics & agility to make a memorable dance performance of the folklore narrative.

Sri Lanka is a shopper's paradise; one can get from exclusive batiks to unique antique artifacts. The traditional handicraft bares the individual touch of its creators.

Special colors blended beautifully to create exclusive ready to wear clothes, scarves, wall hangings, sarongs etc. in form of Batiks.

A wide variety of hand-woven fabric is abundantly available. These handlooms are also used to make attractive household linen, shirts sarongs & much more found at places like Bare foot Gallery, Paradise Road studio, Kandyan etc.

Fascinating jewellery is found with one of a kind traditional design, made with Silver, Stones, & Gems. Special kandyan designs which were made for the earlier kings are now sold by modern day silversmiths.

Sri Lanak also specializes in a distinctive form of ceramic ware which churns out world famous table ware from companies like Lanka Ceramic, Noritake, Dankotawa etc. These companies have their own exclusive show rooms where from you can also arrange shipment to your countries.


Contact No.
American Airlines 5 York Street,Colombo 01
2348100 / 01 / 02 / 03
Air Arabia 73, Sir James Peris Mw, Colombo 2
Air Canada 06/02 East Tower, WTC
Air France 65 C , Darmapala Mw, Colombo 7
Air India 108, YMBA Bldg Sir Baron Jayathilake Mw, Colombo 1
Austrian Airlines 481, T.B. Jaya Mw, Colombo 2
British Airways 400 Deans Road, Colombo 10
Cathay Pacific 186, Vauxhall Street Colombo 02
2334145 - 48
Delta Airlines 45, Janadipathi Mw, Colombo 1
Emirates 75, Hema house, 9th Flr., Bay Brookre Place, Cololmbo 02
Etihad 3-3 WTC West Tower, Colombo 01
Jet Airways 1, Justice Akbar Mw, Colombo 2
KLM 65 C, Dharamapala Mw, Colombo 7
Kuwait Airways Ceylinco Building , Janadhipathi Mw, Colombo 1
Lufthansa 201, Sir James Peiris Mw., Colombo 02
4525749 - 52
Malaysia Airlines 81, York Street, Colombo 1
Pakistan International Airlines 47 1/1 Ananda Comaraswamy Mw.Colombo 7
Philippine Airlines 45, Janadhipathi Mw, Colombo 1
Qantas Airways 400, Deans Road, Colombo 10
Qatar Airways Lev 2, WTC West Tower Colombo 01
Royal Jordanian 40A, Kumaratuga Munidasa Mw, Colombo 3
Scandinavian Airlines Airlines 481, T.B. Jaya Mw, Colombo 2
Swiss International Airlines Baurs Bldg 5, Upper Chatham St. Colombo 1
Sri Lankan Lvl 3, WTC, East Tower, Colombo 01
Singapore Airlines 315, Vauxhall Street Colombo 02
Thai Airways 505/506, 200 Union Place , Colombo 02
2307100 - 06
United Airlines 06/02 East Tower, WTC
Virgin Atlantic 40A , Kumaratuga Munidasa Mw. Colombo 3
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