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  Meditation Tour  
  Day 1

Arrival in Sri Lanka, to be met by a representative of Infotechs Travels and transfer to Sunset Beach / sea garden Hotel, Negombo.

Relax in the hotel.

In the evening go for a City tour to see the remains of the Dutch Fortlet, Dutch Church, Canal, and Fishing Boats in the Lagoon.

Dinner and overnight stay at the SEA SHELLS HOTEL , Negombo.

Day 2

After breakfast leave for Warakapola via Nittambuwa. From Warakapola turn right and proceed to Salgala Meditating Center to see the meditating Bhikkhus live and meditate in 12 Cells in the jungle of Ketahilla Sanctuary of 700 acres. Visitors are welcomed from 9.00 a.m. till 12 noon and you get an opportunity to talk to them, see what type of meditation they are engaged with and to get an idea of how to do Buddhist meditation. Then leave for Kegalle and Pinnawela.

At Pinnawela you have the opportunity to see more than 65 Elephants in the Orphanage at close range as this is an animal closely related with Buddhist Jataka stories-stories relating to previous births of the Buddha.

Lunch at a Restaurant at Pinnawela.

After lunch leave for Kurunegala and Ibbagamuwa. Turn left and proceed on the Polpitigama road up to Kumbukwewa. Proceed to Arankele Jungle Hermitage.

Visit old Hermitage in ruins, the beautifully carved rock-cave with a window and a rock-cut doorway, where the last known Arahat "Maliyadewa" lived and meditated.

Take the pathway to the old meditating cells (modern meditating cells are on the other direction) in double-platform buildings, the central Adm. Building, largest hot-water bath (Jantha-Ghara), and the only roofed "Chankamana-ghara" - meditation pathway laid with sand for the practice of meditation complete with toilet and urinal stone in the same building.

Then proceed to Maho via Madagalla.

Afternoon visit Haththikuchcha Temple at Rajangana - one of the earliest temples where a king in the 2 nd C.A.D. had meditated (King Sirisangabo) and donated his head. See the caves used for meditation, meditation pathways and residential buildings and other ruins.

Evening leave for Anuradhapura via Talawa. Dinner and overnight stay at TISSAWEWA REST HOUSE , Anuradhapura.

Day 3

After breakfast visit Mihintale - "the cradle of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Climb 1840 steps and see the monuments including the Hospital for Buddhist Bhikkhus, Kantaka Cetiya with its beautiful Vahalkadas(frontispieces), the caves near by with the earliest inscriptions in Sri Lanka in the first caves constructed for meditating Bhikkhus, Alms Hall, the two slab inscriptions of the management of a Buddhist Temple, other Dagobas including Ambastala, Maha Thupa. Also see the place where the first sermon was made based on the Large Elephant Footprint as an example (Chulla Haththi Padopama Sutta) and the few ponds for the supply of water to meditating Bhikkhus.

Then visit "Kalu-diya-pokuna" to see the modern meditation center, close to the old bathing pavilion for 2000 Bhikkhus who lived and meditated at Mihintale.

Return to Anuradhapura. Lunch at the Rest House.

Afternoon visit the ancient ruins and monuments dating from 5 th C.B.C. - 10 th C.A.D. Visit the ruins of the "Tapo-vanaya" (Western Monasteries) where the meditating Bhikkhus lived in simple double-plat formed building for meditation. The section with pillars may have been used for living and the opened area for meditation based on Water (Jala-kasina) or Fire (Gini-kasina) or any other method of more than 40 other types of Buddhist meditation in "Vipassana".

Then visit the Vessagiriya rock caves, where the first Bhikkhus lived and did their meditations. See the remains of the "Jala-kasina" (water) and "Gini-kasina" (fire) type of meditation they had practiced here. See the condition of Caves with 3 rd C.B.C. inscriptions where they lived, how polished the seats are with thousands of years of use, Buddhist stories painted on the walls where you can get an insight of meditation done from very early times.

Visit the Sacred Bo Tree and see the ordinary people engaged in meditation under Bo Trees and if prefer talk to them and listen to their experiences.

Return to Resthouse in the late evening. Dinner and overnight stay at TISSAWEWA REST HOUSE.

Day 4

After breakfast leave for Ritigala via Maradankadawala. Visit the Strict Nature Reserve and see the old caves with pre-Christian inscriptions where the monks did their meditation from 2 nd C.B.C. as the inscriptions attest.

Then visit the monastery complex of the 7-9 th C.A.D, with the meditation Pathways, Double plat-formed buildings, waterfall made for bathing of the Bhikkhus with a changing room inside with the water coming from a small stream cascading the mountain, and a very large pond paved with stone slabs. There is no modern meditating center here.

Lunch at the Habarana Resthouse.

After lunch visit Polonnaruwa-the mediaeval capital of Sri Lanka. At Polonnaruwa see the monuments including the Royal Palace & Audience Halls of King Parakramabahu I (1153-1186 A.D) and King Nissankamalla (1187-1196 A.D.). Thuparama, Vata-da-ge, Heta-da-ge, Pabalu Vehera, Siva Devala, Menik Dagaba, Rankot Vehera, Baddhasima-prasada, Lankatilaka, Gal Vihara-to see the 4 rock-cut Buddha statues, Tivanka Image House-for beautiful 12 th C.A.D. murals on the walls etc. and the old Hospital where surgical instruments were found. Then visit "Pothgul Vehera" and Parakrama statue.

Near the Rest House visit the Polonnaruwa Archaeological Museum-one of the best museums in the country where the latest methods are used in exhibiting the items.

Dinner & overnight stay at THE VILLAGE HOTEL , Polonnaruwa.

Day 5

After breakfast leave for Dambulla via Habarana. On the way look for Wild Elephants and other animals while driving through the Minneriya National Park.

At Innamaluwa near Pelvehera visit the Enderagala Jungle Meditating Center to see meditating Bhikkhus at their cells.

At Dambulla visit the Dambulla Cave Temples (5 caves) dating from 1 st C.B.C. to 18 th C.A.D. These Temples contains the largest painted surface of 22,000 sq.ft. of Buddhist murals covering all the walls and ceilings of the caves, large number of Buddha statues (more than 150), statues of Gods and Kings in the caves.

Lunch at the Gimanhala Hotel.

After lunch leave for Kandy. On the way at Matale visit the Alu-Vihara Buddhist Temple where the doctrine of the Buddha was caused to writing in the 1 st C.B.C for the first time. See the caves with inscriptions donated to Bhikkhus in the early 2 nd C.B.C., paintings and the method used for writing on "Ola-leaf" books.

Visit a Spice Garden to see all kinds of spice trees, plants and creepers and the spices taken from them.

Afternoon visit the Royal Palace of Kandy (now a museum), Vishnu Devala, Natha Devala, Audience Hall, other buildings used by the Queens and Ministers. Visit the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in the evening to witness the "Pooja" (offerings).

In Kandy visit Udawattakele and the German Buddhist Meditation Center of former German Bhikkhu Rev. Gnanaponika and the Buddhist Publication Society to get some books on Buddhism and Meditation.

If prefer, visit the Nilambe Meditation Center to get practical knowledge of methods of Meditation and spend the night there.

Dinner & overnight stay at the QUEENS HOTEL, Kandy.

Day 6

After breakfast visit the Kandy City for shopping items necessary for meditation, white cloths, towels, flask, plate, cups, sandals and other personal requirements for 7/14 days meditating in a Meditating Center from day 7 onwards.

At 10 a.m. visit the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic with flowers and join the queue of devotees and observe the entire process of the Offerings and get a view of the Relic Chamber and the Relic Casket when Chamber is opened to make the offering. This insight and the observations you have made on the visits will help you in your meditations.

Lunch in Kandy. After lunch leave for Negombo via Nittambuwa.

Afternoon relax on the beach. Dinner and overnight stay at SEA SHELLS HOTEL , Negombo.

Day 7

After early breakfast (of vegetarian food) visit the Vipassana Bavana Meditating Center at Kanduboda via Negombo, Kadawata, Delgoda, for training and practice of meditation for 1 week under the guidance of an expert of Buddhist Meditation Rev. Upali. Breakfast and Lunch consisting of vegetarian food and all soft drinks will be provided at regular intervals and in the night they can obtain from the kitchen.

Only basic facilities are provided for a comfortable meditation period of 7 (or 14) days in the Center.

No Dinner is provided unless you are sick and Medically recommended.

Day 8-13

Spend the time in the Meditation Center engaged in meditation on the guidance of a Teacher appointed by the High Priest of the Center. Vegetarian meals will be provided.

Day 14

After breakfast leave for Colombo, visiting Kelaniya Buddhist Temple on the way.

Afternoon shopping in Colombo. Dinner & overnight stay at GALLE FACE HOTEL , Colombo.

Day 15

Transfer to Airport for departure.

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