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  Trekking Tour  
  Day 1

Arrival at the Bandaranaiyake International Airport, to be met by a representative of Infotechs Travels and transfer to Galadari Hotel, Colombo.

Afternoon city tour. Visit Fort area (walking), Pettah, Wolfendhaal Dutch Church, Kelaniya Buddhist Temple, Independence Hall and other city sites.

Dinner and overnight stay at GALADARI HOTEL , Colombo.

Day 2

After breakfast leave for Kandy. On the way at Warakapola turn right and proceed about 05 miles on the Galapitamada Road, to Madeniya Junction. From the Bus halt at Madeniya walk up to the Dorawaka Kanda, a distance of about 01 km. Trek through the paddy fields and the rubber plantation all the way to the cave.

See the engraving of 51 figures on the cave wall by the pre-historic man who had lived in the caves more than 10,000 years ago.

Return to the road and to Warakapola.

On the way visit Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage to see more than 65 Elephants and some of the 23 young ones born in captivity. See them at the time of feeding and when all are taken to the river for bathing.

Afternoon proceed to the Royal Botanical Gardens at Peradeniya. Walk in the Garden - visit Spice section, Ferns and Orchid house.

In the evening visit the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, to witness the offerings ("Pooja") and then go for a Kandyan Dance Performance.

Dinner and overnight stay at the MAHAWELI REACH HOTEL , Kandy .

Day 3

After breakfast proceed to Udawattekele Sanctuary. Trekking in the Sanctuary looking for birds, trees and plants, large creepers, caves, pool and animals.

Return to Town and visit the Kandy market and then drive round the lake, visit Wace Park.

After lunch proceed to Dambulla. See the Dambulla Cave Temples, to see more than 21,000 sq. feet of murals, more than 150 statues of Buddha, Gods & Kings.

Dinner & overnight at CULTURE CLUB HOTEL , Kandalama.

Day 4

After breakfast proceed to Kandalama and trek in the jungle to Aligala (Elephant Rock) cave. See the 1 st C.B.C. cave inscription, frescoes, and pillars. See the large trees and plants, rich and varied bird life.

From Aligala trek through the jungle to Kaludiya Pokuna ruins. See the ruins of the monastery complex of the 8 - 9 th C.A.D., caves with Pre-Christian period inscriptions, several ponds, and remains of paintings in the caves. See also the birds, butterflies and animals in the jungle.

Walk back to the Hotel or arrange the vehicle to pick you near Kaludiya Pokuna.

Afternoon relax at the Hotel. Dinner & overnight stay at CULTURE CLUB HOTEL , Kandalama.

Day 5

After breakfast visit the renowned 5 th C.A.D. Sigiriya Rock Fortress, built by King Kassapa I (473 - 491 A.D). See the Moats and Ramparts, and water and boulder gardens, the Mirror Wall and graffiti, the remains of the Palace and the most beautiful frescoes of the Ladies.

Walk along the Moat to see some rare birds including, Three-toed Kingfisher, Stork-billed, Pied, and White-breasted Kingfisher, Shahin's Falcon, Ceylon Grey Hornbill and other birds.

Return to hotel and leave for Elkaduwa visiting a Spice Garden on the way to see all types of spice plants, trees and creepers.

Evening take the "Simpson's Trail" to the plantation and the jungle behind the hotel & back, with a stop at the "Coffee House" for a cup of coffee.

Dinner & overnight stay at the HUNAS FALLS HOTEL , Elkaduwa .

Day 6

Early morning leave for trekking to Knuckles Range (with picnic breakfast and lunch). Proceed to Looluwatta, enter the Jungle and spend the full day in the MAB (Man & Biosphere) Reserve.

Knuckle range has vegetation of all climatic zones and gets rain during the Northeast and Southwest monsoons. Visit "Corbet's Gap" - one of the most beautiful places.

Look for Bird-life, Butterflies, Reptiles, Amphibians, Trees and Plants, medicinal herbs and creepers as well as wild animals, while trekking.

Evening return to Looluwatte and proceed to Kandy via Teldeniya.

Dinner & overnight stay at the MAHAWELI REACH HOTEL, Kandy.

Day 7

Morning visit the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic and then leave for Nuwara Eliya via Hanguranketha, Walapone and Ragala.

Afternoon city tour. Visit Hakgala Botanical Gardens, Victoria Park, Market, Hill Club area and visit Moon Plains, Elk Plains and other city sites.

Late afternoon go for short "Nature Trail" with the Resident Naturalist of the hotel to the jungle behind the hotel, which is connected with the "Cloud Forest" behind.

Dinner & overnight stay at ST. ANDREW'S HOTEL , Nuwara Eliya.

Day 8

After breakfast drive up to Pattipola and start the trek to Horton Plains, a distance of 6 miles and a climb of about 2000 ft. Trek through the jungle and select edible wild berries found in the jungle (5 different types) enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area.

Look for Wild Orchids, Red flowered Rhododendron (Rhododendron Arboretum) Plants, stunted trees with hanging ' Old mans beards' moss, dwarf marsh bamboo, Strobilanthes or 'Nilu' plants, that bloom once in 10-12 years and all die together, tree-ferns, and many species of endemic and rare Butterflies and Birds, including Sri Lanka Jungle Fowl, Sri Lanka Wood Pigeon, Orange-billed Babbler, Sri Lanka Blue Magpie, Ceylon Hill Munia, Dull-blue Fly Catcher, Pied Bush Chat, Grey Tit, Zitting Cisticola, and Sri Lanka Whistling Thrush (Arrenga) - found near the 'Arrange pool' or at the Baker's falls.

Afternoon trekking in the Plains. Climb Totupala - third tallest in Sri Lanka (7741 ft.)

Then enter the National Park and walk (this is the only National Park in Sri Lanka where visitors are allowed to walk) in the park, along the footpaths made for trout fishing. Trek through the 'Patna' grassland and enter the jungle. See wild animals such as Sambhur (more than 3000 in the Horton Plains), the Bear Monkey (endemic) the Dusky Touque Monkey, two types of jungle squirrels, the Dusty Striped Jungle Squirrels, the Dusty Striped Jungle Squirrel and the Highland Giant Squirrel, and other animals.

Visit the 'World's End' where the escarpment drops 3000 ft. to the 'Nagrak' tea Estate to the distant sea, and the 'Little Worlds End'. Trek to Baker's Falls.

Evening return to Nuwara Eliya. Dinner & overnight stay at ST. ANDREW'S HOTEL , Nuwara Eliya

Day 9

After breakfast leave for Adam's Peak (Delhouse) via Hatton and Maskeliya. On the way see the St. Clair (241 ft. high) and Devon (281 ft. high) Waterfalls. Stop at the Tea center (near the Falls) for a cup of tea. Check-in at Wathsala Inn.

Afternoon relax. Get ready with coffee in a Flask, biscuits & other non-meat short eats, Water, Pullover etc.for the trek to Adam's Peak.

At 1030 p.m. start the trek to the Summit of Adam's Peak (7359 ft. high), holiest mountain for Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians (The season is from middle of December to middle of May. Other times no people, or light in the night, but can trek during the daytime).

Trek to the top early morning, wait for the sunrise and then descend via Ratnapura / Kuruwita road. Take the turn to Ratnapura, and the vehicle will be waiting at the Carney Estate.

Day 10

Transfer to Ratnaloka Tour Inn.

Rest at the hotel for the day. Dinner & overnight stay at the RATNALOKA TOUR INN, Ratnapura.

Day 11

After breakfast leave for Sinharaja via Kalawana and Weddagala. Check-in at the Boulder Gardens Hotel.

Afternoon visit Sinharaja - Primeval Rain Forest a "World Heritage Site".

Take the "Waturawa Trail" for 2 hours and proceed to the area where you will see the old natural vegetation and return to Kudawa Base camp before sunset.

There is a high degree of Endemism among the Butterflies, Fishes, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals at Sinharaja.

See also the large number of Endemic Trees and Plants (60%), Epiphytic Orchids, Wild animals including Monkey, Wild Boar, Rock Squirrel and other animals.

From the Base Camp return to hotel by vehicle. Dinner and overnight stay at the BOULDER GARDEN HOTEL, Kalawana.

Day 12

After breakfast proceed to Sinharaja with picnic lunch. Take the" Mulawella Nature Trail" from the base camp, pass the Research Station and trek (hard trek) up to "Sinhagala" (2135 feet in height). Observe endemic Birds (29 out of 34 in the country) and other animals on the way.

Picnic lunch at "Sinhagala".

Afternoon return via another route, through the jungle back to Kudawa in the evening. Dinner and overnight stay at the BOULDER GARDEN HOTEL, Kalawana.

Day 13

Morning leave for Colombo via Kalawana and Ratnapura. On the way trek to 'Bata-Domba-Lena' at Kuruwita to see a cave where pre-historic man had lived 29,000 years ago.

Then leave for Negombo via Avissawella and Veyangoda. Dinner & overnight stay at THE BEACH HOTEL , Negombo.

Day 14

Full day in Negombe for relaxation.

Dinner & overnight stay at THE BEACH HOTEL , Negombo.

Day 15

Transfer to Airport for departure.

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